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Commitment to Excellence

At Atlantik Care, we are committed to excellence. Here, your loved ones will continue to live a life of joy, warmth and well-being with all the comforts of home. Our wide range of services and amenities give our residents the opportunity to be present and enjoy the day to day. While residing at Atlantik Care, they live a life of leisure at a secure facility, with spacious indoor and outdoor common areas. 

About us

Atlantik Care is a family run facility.  Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our own personal family experience. In 2012, our matriarch, Ana Palangchao, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the Philippines. At the time, most of our family lived overseas, and it was difficult for the family that was there to manage Ana's day-to-day care. The only solution was to hire a local caregiver to look after her. Initially, we were unsure about allowing another person to care for Ana, but it turned out to be the best experience for her and for our family. 


Although Ana passed several years ago, we still remember her caregiver, Teresa, fondly.

Teresa took excellent care of Ana. We are forever grateful to Teresa for the compassion and the unwavering service she provided Ana and our family. It is Teresa's qualities and her commitment to excellence that we emulate daily at Atlantik Care. At a certain age, our loved ones need more care and attention. Because of the first hand experience of watching a loved one change, it is important to us that those who join the Atlantik Care family maintain a good quality of living.

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